In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Breakfast with Santa Event Planning sub committee This committee plans and executes an annual Breakfast with Santa event held on the last Saturday in November.
Building Committee The Building committee maintains the building, arranges for maintenance and repairs as needed and is responsible for setting the annual budget for this area. The committee chair is also responsible for the rental of the main hall and upstairs meeting room and arranging for the cleanup of the facility following any rentals.
CCOF committee The club representative reports to the CENON committee chairs on any CCC or CCOF activities that the club has sponsored and also reports to the club on any activities that the CENON chairpersons wish to pass onto the club.
COLS, Essay, Oratorical and CCDHH Committee Community service Sub committee Chair of this club committee interacts with the CENON committee chairs for these CENON activities and reports back to the club regarding the progress of any club sponsored participants.
Community Service The Community service committee handles all requests from outside agencies regarding funding or other types of support. The committee chair and other members are responsible for the disbursement of the budgeted funds to the various community groups, bringing new requests to the club and arranging for the various groups to make presentations to the club.
Event planning committee This committee organizes all events and fund raising activities planned by the club. Each event or activity will be planned in detail by a sub committee. All club members are a part of this committee.
Installation Night Committee Event planning sub committee This committee plans and organizes the annual installation night to recognize the new incoming executive and award members for their contributions to the club for the prior year. The outgoing President chairs this committee.
Membership Committee The membership committee schedules NOW meetings, operates recruitment booths at club events and follows up with invitations to potential new members.
Motorcycle Poker Ride Event planning sub committee This committee is responsible for arranging the annual motorcycle poker ride to raise funds for the Southlake Hospital Pediatric Oncology department.
Youth Chess Tournament committee This committee arranges for local elementary school chess clubs to participate in an annual chess tournament held in late February each year.